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A Busy Mind & Abused Body

I LOVE riding mountain bikes! Though at times my busy mind & abused body compromised this. Yoga & coaching gave me the strength & resiliency necessary to navigate these challenges through my 17 year pro career & beyond.
Ryan Leech
- Professional Cyclist - Yoga Teacher - Integral Master Coachâ„¢
Life can be demanding. The yoga & practices that Ryan offers helps me integrate career, family, and sport for a deeper and more rewarding experience of everyday life.
Rob Walcer
Rob Walcer
What I am receiving far exceeds my expectations. I feel inspired, reflective, grateful, humble and filled up.
Leah Kitamura
Leah Kitamura
I'd highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for guidance in the pursuit of a high performance goal in athletics, business or life.
Sean Verret
Sean Verret

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