April 13th,It’s been hovering around freezing all day with a mix of snow and rain, heavy at times. Recovering from the deep down chill that I got while setting up my demo obstacles was next to impossible, until my first show that was. I’m in Whistler village, my first day of 10 days of demos for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. It would have been so easy to say, “Oooh, it’s just too wet and cold to ride, it’d be dangerous, no one is going to watch, they’re all rushing toward the next warm cafe!!”. But I buckled down and kicked a show off anyway, just one person watching. One move in to the show, babbling to myself on the microphone, I see that at least 20 people are now watching; where’d they come from!!! Kept riding, and before I new it, I had a crowd standing there in the freezing cold sleet, watching me slip and slide around on my demo stuff, cool!! Second show went even better, and now that I’m part way done a cup of tea, and warming up in my hotel room, the third show should be just as good…and wet. So I had two Trials of Life presentations this week, one in Squamish, and one in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. Two incredibly beautiful places, I truly am fortunate to be a BC resident, and I am striving to do my best to learn about what I can do to help reduce my impact on it, not in terms of tires landing on roots, but in the amount I pollute ;-).I had an awesome meeting with the David Suzuki Foundation, and am proud to announce that I’ll be an ambassador for the Foundation, and will do my best to spread the word at all my school shows and regular demos. Please do take the time to visit The David Suzuki Foundation and also, sign up for the Nature Challenge.Well, I’m looking out the window at the snow, and looking at my watch, putting the two together, equals Snow Demo. Yeehaa, here we go!!!Peace,Ryan