First a white Christmas, and now a white New Years—for Vancouver, that’s pretty bizarre.

We went to Riverview today to collect some woodworking wood. All the heavy snow recently has loaded the tree branches so much that many limbs snapped off, and even a few trees toppled completely. I am sad to see a strong, mighty tree lying down on the ground, but in contrast, am happy to have the opportunity to create something out of.

The wood we collected was black locust, cherry, plum, atlas cedar, magnolia, silver maple, and an unidentified log or two. Most of the take was of small pieces for small woodworking projects; it’s great to have the variety available at an arborarium such as Riverview.

Imagine having to start 2009 off with a hangover. That would suck. I’m glad I don’t drink (heavily). Caryn said it would suck to have a hangover any-day, very true. My question is why do people repeat the hangover process throughout the year. Have these people completely lost the ability to listen to their body? The body is wise, it lets you know what works and what doesn’t.  

Shoveling snow takes a long time, is quite tweaky to the body, and surprising tiring. Residents in this part of the country don’t keep snowblowers in their basement, it’s all elbow grease. It’s interesting to get a taste of what Winter is like in the rest of our Country for more than a few days in a row—I think it’s been almost a month now. And no, this extremely localized weather pattern doesn’t mean that global warming is hoax, that is why it’s more accurate to call it climate change. Chances are, we will be seeing extreme weather both on the warm and the cool side, just like the growing gap between the rich and poor—both very hazardess trends. Hmm, we should get to work on that in 2009.

I’ll share some of my ideas, goals, hopes, aspirations, and dreams for 2009 in an upcoming post. Writing these things down in a personal way, not just on New Years, but throughout the year is an extremely valuable practice. Then sharing a certain version of those goals with others helps to cement the intention. 

Well, this post have meandered quite randomly to an end. Happy New Year!!