Just at the hotel room resting after the first day of the Toronto Bike Show. I rode to and from the event with an extra long seatpost in my bike, it’s only takes about 20 minutes in a granny geared fat tired bike, so it’s pretty close. For some reason it makes me happy to be able to ride the same bike to the show as I perform on. 

The performing went quite well. I am always a little nervous that after at least ten years of performing at this show that my riding isn’t go to keep up with expectations. But I have to remind myself that I can only do my best and that will have to be good enough—today it seemed like it was. Perhaps having a challenge in my demo set up beyond the routine moves and obstacles makes it more interesting to me and hence the audience. There is an old pick-up truck that I’m riding on, and my challenge is to ride from the roof to the edge of the bed and balance down it. I got on it today, but not off the end. I’ll have to work on that through the weekend. Fun.

I also had a seminar today on the Mind Game of Riding. Quite a few curious folks listened to my 30 minute speech on a topic that is both deep but simple at the same time. It went well from my point of view, but will need some fine tuning to make my points as clear as they are in my mind.

A few days I visited a school in Mississauga as one of the winners of my Trials of Life contest. Here’s a little article from that.

Here are a couple photos from the school I visited in Burlington. The first is Matthew’s family-the other winner of my Trials of Life contest. The second is him and I being interviewed before my presentation by Matt Hayes, a popular host of the local news.