September whizzed by, and Fall, is well, already fall’ing away, in a great way though. The leaves are starting to turn, the air is clean and crisp, the weather is unpredictable, and the light is shining through in ways that make photographers and nature lovers really excited.

Caryn went off with the family to the apple barn, I took the day to get some work done, and thought I’d pause to write a quick blog post. I have a lovely cup of cream earl gray tea, and I hope to post this blurb by the time it’s done.

A few projects on the go right now. One is some preparatory work on another Canadian Trials-of-Life school tour in the Spring of 2010. It’s the kind of thing to get on top of right way, because 2010 will be here before we know it. I really can’t seem to come up with any project that feels ‘as-right’ as doing another school tour. I have a limited amount of time where I can engage students through the skills I have on the bike, so I better take advantage of that with some skillful words of advice and of course have some fun along the way.

I am taking a coaching course that starts in November through Integral Coaching Canada. I’m really excited about it, and so I have been doing some pre-course homework and reading.

Then there is yoga, I’m trying to arrange as many yoga classes as I can to build experience, it’s a long an exciting journey of learning that will never end, I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it. Today though, I took 90 minutes outside on my back deck to practice solo. Just me, the fresh air, the sunshine, the falling helicopter maple tree seeds, and a glorious savasana with a well worked body. The feeling is hard to convey, but it is precisely the one I want to share by becoming a yoga instructor.

I rode to the store today as we’re having a friend and some family over for dinner; picked up some corn, some BC wine, and some beautiful looking fresh BC spring salmon. Yummy.

Hmm, my tea is already getting low, probably something to do with me gulping it down 🙂

I hope the weekend is treating you well. Have fun!