I would love your support! Here are the details: http://bit.ly/9MVJsk

The Cops for Cancer crew in Peterborough, ON, are trying to raise a million bucks for pediatric cancer research and prevention. They are setting a healthy lifestyle example by riding their bikes on a ‘Pedal for Hope’ tour visiting various schools.

My contribution is to give my Trials of Life presentation to the top three fundraising schools. On top of that, I have agreed to have my head shaved by the Cops on June 1st at one of the schools…that is if I manage to raise $1000 toward this cause.

Are you willing to skip a haircut and put that money toward a great  cause?

I have set up a donation page through the Canadian Cancer Society, and set an example by donating $20, the money saved by skipping my last haircut; if you’d like to do the same, or just have some spare funds you’d like to give, please visit my page at:


Here is a quick youtube blurb about I posted a couple days ago too:


Ride ON!