BC Athlete Voice

Introduced, in conference style, the

Telus Athlete Voice Leadership School

I attended this opening yesterday as an Athlete Mentor, and have been matched up with two High School Athlete Leaders.

We’ll jam together over the next four months!

The conference featured 3 guest speakers, by Senior Athlete Leaders Steve Podborski, Diane Clement (or Mumma C), and Dr. Dory Boyer.

They presented to the 12 mentors and the 24 student athletes, at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Some common themes emerged from their words, the top three points were very similar.

Steve: (Olympic Medalist and World Cup DH skiing Champion 1982), only non European ever to hold this title)

1. What you learn as an athlete will be applied to life

2. Have impeccable preparation (his teammate filed binding for less wind resistance, though it didn’t make a difference physically, mentally it was impeccable and he won that day)

3. Teamwork: He radioed up to teammate to give tip on course helping him win a world cup, a faux pas of the day that other teams wouldn’t do

Diane: (Olympian & medalists at Commonwealth games in 1958)

1. Lessons learned in sport are with you for life

2. Honesty and Integrity (Impeccability) with yourself, be truthful with yourself, (this last one is a huge topic!)

3. Most important, become a team player, teamwork

Dr. Dory Boyer: (Orthopedic Surgeon & Medical Services manager for VANOC)

1. Hard work, but it was a chance to make a difference and experience is with you for life

2. In his VANOC prep, he left no gap in services, (again impeccable preparation, led to VANOC being new standard in medical service orchestration)

3. Building a strong team with great communication is key for success

It has been almost 15 years since my high school graduation, so I’m excited to tune into the world of a teenage athlete and show up with them such that the four pillars of successful mentoring are fulfilled:





What do those mean to you? What I do know is that at 32 years of age these words may have slightly different meanings than they would at age 15. So I’m excited to learn a thing or two about the world of today’s highschoolers.

Thanks BC Athlete Voice for including me in this program, and allowing a unique venue to share and grow my experiences.