Balanced Development: Topic 2 of 5 from my recent FEAT speech…

Pro athletes often separate themselves from ‘life-stuff’ to focus on their sport; in many Olympic sports this is part of the structure from a young age. When success strikes, they are considered role models, not only for their sport achievement, but for their entire approach to life.

A Pro Athletes relationship to their sport and life, spoken from experience of course 😉

Backed up by media, athletes usually buy into the assumption that sporting success = life success. The image below is a basic and exaggerated psychograph of a typical athletes development across multiple developmental intelligences.

An exaggerated average of a pro athletes development

The consequence of this imbalance can lead to inaccurate self assessment, alienating the athlete from their true sense of self. This can lead to a conflicted existence during their “dream years” as a star. As some pro’s have discovered, not even Olympic Gold can shield realities strong bite when navigating this territory, especially when going-it-alone, which is most often the case.

As a coach, it is beautiful to experience how personalized and unique athletes lives are, thus each needs a unique developmental approach to effectively and efficiently round-themselves-out as role models, this not only contributes to optimal performance in sport, but for healthy ‘real-world’ engagement and contribution; not to mention the enjoyment of sport!

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