Spectator Influence: The last FEAT speech blog post- 5 of 5.

Have you ever felt pressure to take risks from your friends? For pro athletes, multiply this performance pressure by the number of fans watching, and you can begin to get a picture of the power of spectator influence.

Watching a high performance athlete take a risk instantly frees us from our mind chatter and puts us momentarily into the athletes inner experience, it’s quite a miracle really. The magnitude of what we need to witness to turn us on (or ‘off’ I should say) has moved from death in the Roman days of gladiators battling wild animals for entertainment, to the comparatively safe sports of today. However, carnage still persists, especially the long term kind.

Leech performing a trials show


So there is a lot at stake for the athletes we cheer, and not just physically. As we develop our ability to step into the extended reality of another, we begin to be more selective of what we FB ‘like’ and who we cheer and praise; whether it be hockey fights or dangerous stunts, our influence counts.


To conclude, is your sport engaged as seperate from your life or an integral part of it? How you use sport mysteriously affects all facets of your life. They can no longer be seperated, nor is it in our best interest to pretend they are.


My intention was to provide some brief perspectives on our relationship to sport, a taste. If something resonated, please take a moment and ask why. I would welcome your feedback and am open to conversation.

Finally, next time you go out to play, ask yourself, how is this ride, this trick, or my spectator influence gonig to contribute to the creation of the world I envision and dream of? Every reason for every move you make is a vote. Don’t underestimate the power of sport for our healthy and conscious evolution.

PS: I am re-writing this entire 5 part article based on feedback and additional research. I’ll share it soon!