I have three careers on the go, Mountain Biker, Integral Life Coach, Yoga Instructor. They are all very unique diciplines that are now a deep part of me, a way of life, and because of this, they are free to intermingle with each other in very mutually beneficial ways. Terry McBride, CEO and owner of YYoga and Nettwerk Music Group spoke at the Lululemon Ambassador Summit which I attended these past four days, he talked about loving songs and liking songs–when signing artists and songs to his label, the ones he liked bombed, the ones he loved flourished. For now the mixing of my offerings to the world is busy, messy, and the future is unknown–but I’m loving it.

Savasana in Mongolia

This mixing of worlds sees me heading up to Sol Mountain Lodge in the Monashee Mountains of BC next week to film a yoga for cyclists video. It’ll have four routines each based loosely on one of the models I utilize as a coach, the integral quadrant model, this helped me to be sure I’m including aspects of the interior and exterior of the individual and the collective. Looking forward to hooking up with my buddy Alex Lavigne from Alias Cinema who will direct it, our first project together since our trials film “Crux“.

Mountain Bike Ride in Mongolia


My Integral Life Coaching practice is building with new clients sources growing–this is the deepest work I do, and perhaps the most rewarding….so, my thought was, why not mix my coaching work into a Ride & Reach workshop? The pilot is in the works for later this Fall, I’m looking to host a workshop on the Sunshine Coast that will mix in mountain biking, yoga, meditation, conscious and mindful practices, theory, and….FUN!

Over and out for this little ramble…see you at yoga, on the trail, or face to face as a coachee.