Regret is a strange beast because hindsight is always 20/20. It can be a sneaky trap, it can hold you in the past, and if indulged, it can be very depressing. However, if regret is held consciously, it can trigger inspiration and open up future possibilities for yourself and others.


I bring this topic up because in a recent video titled “Why”, I claimed to regret some of the more extreme risks I took during my pro riding career. I was once proud to claim to never have regretted anything in my life, a high pedestal stance which isn’t too uncommon for me ;-)…however, when I look back honestly, I do regret some of the riskier lines I performed for videos. I LOVED my career as a pro athlete, and wouldn’t change a thing, but, there is a certain point that many athletes hit where their deeply rooted authentic drive to test the limits of their biological body is slowly compromised by external pressures. It is when I hit this point that some of the risks I took were for the wrong reasons, it just wasn’t clear to me then.


From the film 'Kranked 6'

Because of this regret, I now have the chance to help evolve the sport.  I’m thrilled about this choice! I could keep this ‘inner’ stuff silent, and allow other athletes to follow based on what they’ve seen of me, but this may lead to them making similar mistakes;  or, I could speak about these inner experiences. For the evolution of athletes to be whole, complete, and healthy, it needs to account for both what people have seen of me (the objective), and also what they can’t see of me, (the subjective), and the subjective can only be shared by my writing, speaking, and expressing things like this.


So it’s both the objective and subjective. I see athletes evolving too heavily in the objective measurable domain and not enough in the personal subjective domain, this is what I’m concerned about, this is where I see a lot of pain, challenge and suffering, and this is what I’m driven to balance out through my work as a Professional Integral Coach™–I get to point out in you what I didn’t see in myself years ago;-) and I want to do this for so many reasons, one of them being that the development of the capacity to hold regret consciously allows it to become a tool for compassionate evolution. Can you relate this to any regrets you might have?