“Hey, learn your hand signals”, a driver yelled at me last week while I was riding home loaded up with groceries. I figured I was a really conscientious bike commuter, so I managed to come up with a whole bunch of reasons to ease my mind as to why it was okay that I didn’t signal in that particular situation….but, a few days later, I admitted guilt to myself.

Cyclists always protest that drivers need to share the road, that we need to be treated just like a vehicle, however, most commuters I see give themselves special rules, myself included. Sneak through the red light, blow the stop sign, skip hand signals, ride on sidewalks, weave in and out of cars, rip up against oncoming traffic for a shortcut, enter your violation here.

I managed to annoy one car driver, not good for the cyclist reputation, and if we (cyclists) want more cycling infrastructure, we need car drivers on our side, and no better way than to obey the road rules, even if it seems ridiculous to stop at the light –pass along a smile instead. Now of course that smile can be laced with a ‘seeya sucka’, as you fly by their gridlocked vehicle!