Sharing the benefits of yoga with other cyclists is why I became a yoga instructor. Riders kept asking me for a video, and now I can deliver! Yoga for Cyclists on DVD & Download. Why do cyclists need yoga: sore backs, tight hips, stiff necks, weak wrists, rounded shoulders, weak core, poor posture…oh man, the list goes on!

A mid ride Routine

Through my career I tried stretching, got bored. Tried pilates, got bored. Tried yoga, got hooked! Yoga allowed me to ride longer and with more style, magnify my focus, prevent injury, increase strength and most importantly enjoy the sport I love.

I made this video for a broad spectrum of riding and yoga abilities, from pro to beginner, and from road to dirt. My intent was to share my favorite cyclist specific posture sequences, and at the same time elicit a more awake relationship between how your body/bike moves, your mind thinks, and your spirit inspires.

Each routine blends gorgeous alpine mountain backdrops from Sol Mountain in the Monashee Mountains, an original musical score by Corduroy Kid, and a healthy dose of channeled blissology from my yoga teacher Eoin Finn.

Filming in Monashee Prov. Park at Sol Mt Lodge

Here’s a peak at what each of these routines offers:

Headset Routine: Cultivate inner-awareness and focus during this slow 30 minute contemplative full-body routine…

This steady sequence of postures is designed to elicit an exploration of your innermost thoughts, feelings, intentions, and values. There is a direct correlation between your inner world and your riding experience/capabilities.

Frame Routine: Invigorate your cycling body with this challenging 40 minute practice…

Designed to bring attention to the body with physically challenging postures. You will quickly discover your cycling muscle imbalances and the limitations that result. Once your feel these limitations, this practice strives to strengthen and stretch those areas in need.

Spokes Routine: Create a positive spin for yourself and thus others with this inviting 35 minute session…

With guest yogis Ian Verchere and Andreas Hestler, and yogini Kristen Smart, this routine brings attention to the “we” space, and how we are all connected as humans no matter our body type, yoga experience, or riding experience. Expanding our awareness to include others contributes to an awake culture and is a key for rounding out the quality of our riding experience.

Links Routine: Whether on the trail, road, or navigating your day, locate yourself with this to-the-point, 16 minute standing flow.

Plush Alpine Yoga Mat

There are a lot of moving parts in our lives, fitting it all in is tough, this routine is designed with that in mind. This routine is a no-excuse-simple-flow that will help you to orient amidst your busy lifestyle–after this practice you’ll see that all trails and roads are connected. Do this routine even if you’re out on the trail, no mat required!

Two options to bring this yoga in to your riding life:

Stream and Download for $17  or DVD for $20.

There are three methods of simultaneous instruction in this product: first is obvious, the physical display of postures through video. Secondly my verbal instruction of technique and inner inquiry. The third isn’t as obvious but key: I filmed the sequences separate from the recording of my verbal instruction. Reason was so that I could get in the zone while practicing the yoga myself. A friend recently told me how peaceful and present I appeared in these yoga videos and how it was inspiring for him. Much like in my mountain bike movie segments, when a rider is in the zone, it is captivating and inspiring, and encourages people to get out on their bike, my hope is the same for this yoga video.

I trust it will serve you well!

With smiles,