My main BC Bike Race goal: teach awesome recovery yoga sessions for beat bodies.

Things got more complicated when I was invited to also race. Silly idea at first, I’m a trials rider.

Though if I did race, I’d know exactly what type of yoga everyone would need. Good thing. Would I be able to make it back after each stage to teach yoga though!?!

So I began training to help me decide, and realized, I could do it, and wanted to. So trained harder. I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been. I discovered that climbing is my forte, distance perhaps not so much. I discovered how important meat is when training! I also discovered I’m quite a competitive fella…and if I’m not careful I’ll do what I did when I last raced cross country (18 years ago!) and sprint until I bonk!

The cycling enthusiasts at Lululemon have stepped up to help dial in the yoga location and get things set up and ready each day, along with a free yoga mat for every racer…no excuses!

The behind the scenes fuel for training was more about practicing presence during intensity, it was about continually making choices during my training rides to notice, understand, and challenge my mental limits, habits and thoughts. Much of what I learned is translatable to my coaching practice and many aspects of my daily life, because life is hard, life is intense.

For the next week, all 330 off road km’s, and all 8000 meters of climbing will continue to be a learning experience and bonding experience with the other rideres and staff. I want to understand why other people are racing, what drives them. This sense of community will serve in the delivery of the yoga sessions, they will help to co-create the yoga session vibe.

Happy trails,