I just published the BC Bike Race yoga video series on my webstore, six different 30-minute long yoga routines for riders who are training and racing HARD!

When I agreed to teach for the event, I knew these routines could be valuable for other riders, so I had them recorded. Though I didn’t know just how valuable they’d be until I started training and racing for the event myself, riding that much singletrack is demanding and the body takes a beating!!


This yoga is thus short, gentle, and restorative. Below I give a brief synopsis of what each stages session focuses on. Hope you enjoy this offering and it serves you well!

Day ONE: Cumberland

A class gentle enough to avoid triggering cramps because indeed this kick off stage was hot and long! Breath, loosen up the spine, the best quad and IT band stretch ever, hip opener, drain the legs, and chill.

Day TWO: Campbell River

We don’t stand up once during this routine! Deep breathing to start and gentle spinal movements, explore shoulder mobility, stretch your hip flexors, open hips/quads with a pigeon variation, lengthen our hamstrings, stretch the IT band closer to the hip, and engage in a beautiful quad self-massage.

Day THREE: Powell River

This is the only Pre-Ride Yoga Session of the event, filmed on a BC Ferry ride. Just the right length and intensity to prep for a 48.9 km long course with 755m of elevation.

In this 16 minute all standing session, we’ll loosen up the entire body exploring our range of motion. No hard stretching, just the joy of feeling our bodies move and prepping our tight muscles for another big day.

Day FOUR: Earls Cove to Sechelt

Two savasana’s in 30 minutes, what more do I need to say about this session! Between the starting and finishing chill out, you’ll reset your calves, hamstrings, quads, adductor magnus, hip flexors, and gluteus. WOW!

Day FIVE: Sechelt to Langdale

Engage a standing meditation that brings awareness to the surrounding mountains in a very awake and conscious way. I prep our bodies for deep stretching with a safe sun salutation variation. Hip flexors stretch, spinal twist, deep quad stretching, controlled spinal flexion and enthusiastic extension, and wind down with the oh so popular supine pigeon stretch.

Day SIX: Squamish

Enjoy classic cat/cow, down dog, warrior 1, front facing triangle, seated twist, happy baby, and forearm, calve, shoulder, and quad stretches. Exhale…
Check out the video on my webstore!

Here is also a short video that Lululemon produced that has scenes from the BCBR and an interview from me about yoga, BCBR, and mt. Biking.