I’m on holiday with Caryn in Cornwall, UK, to celebrate an entire decade of marriage!

We’re also visiting and staying with my uncle. Google has nothing on my Uncle when it comes to Britain’s history, he’s also the youngest 75 year old I know. He jumped a stream today, and can out-walk both of us when exploring quaint little Cornish towns. He once told me his secret to well-being and longevity was:
• never marry
• not to worry
• have an all-encompassing hobby


Guess I blew that one! Actually, seems we each have our own unique recipe for well being that evolves as we age, being nimble enough to adapt and change may be the only common ingredient we share but one that is the most challenging to recognize and act on.


When I go on holiday I like to work on that in fun ways; last months holiday to Savary Island was pretty full of practice:
• No Internet or cell phone usage (ahhh, no withdrawals either!)
• Read only fiction (been a hardcore non-fiction guy all my life)
• Journal by handwriting (nice break from the iPad journal)
• Take a break from meditating daily (Interesting to interrupt a habit)
• Learn to juggle 4 clubs (still a long way to go, though managed a four club flash!)


One of the key goals for our UK trip however is a cream tea a day…we’re sadly failing on that! We’re currently batting 38%…though today’s clotted cream in Devon was so divine, plentiful, and rich that had to leave a scone and partial bowl of cream un-eaten!! Bollacks!!