To begin, a response I gave in a recent interview:

 What does mountain biking mean to you?

…Today, I love the sport more than I ever; it fuels me in life, and life fuels my riding.  It’s like a positive feedback loop that helps helps keep me on-purpose in life, rides are filled with little whispers of wisdom in the back of my mind that help me grow as a human, and when I apply those whispers to life I grow and thus have a greater capacity to appreciate and find gratitude during my rides, it’s a pretty awesome deal, thanks Mountain Biking! (For the full interview, visit the UK bike e-store Wiggle)

My understanding of these ‘whispers’  has been blown open with thanks to Integral Coaching Canada’s, most recent mastery workshop that I just completed in Ottawa.

Whispers are a mysterious phenomena, and distinct but easily confused with internal dialogue. Internal dialogue is habitual and incessant, whispers are organic and sporadic. Inner dialogue clouds my thinking, whispers clarify my purpose. Internal dialogue is based on what has already passed, whispers are an inviting voice from the future.

Historically, whispers became most evident to me during endurance, non technical, solo bike rides, but now I am more receptive throughout the day despite varying circumstances with thanks to my seven year meditation practice.

So if whispers clarify my purpose, they inform my goals, but goals too rigorously strived for can shut off access to these whispers. A dynamic, real time relationship in needed in relation to these whispers for the most authentic and generative expression of each of our unique purposes in the world. Now…this is quite an idealistic portrayal of these mysterious whispers, in all honesty, it is much messier than what I’ve shared…a topic perhaps for another day.

Have you experienced anything similar to this?