I visited my trial trail from Kranked 6 with a Ride & Reach group over the weekend. Crazy memories!

Bjorn Enga & I reminiscing on our creation from back in 2006

Bjorn Enga & I reminiscing on our creation from back in 2006

The video shows a very clear example of how I chose to use my breath to ‘force’ myself in to the zone. Intentionally breathing, and exaggerating my breath freed up my body to do what I knew it was capable of doing.

Doing something dangerous creates stress and tension in the body, and creates a fast and short breath bringing more air in which creates more tension, it’s a vicious cycle, and not good for your performance! Notice when this cycle happens, and begin intentionally releasing more breath out, especially while you’re riding. I do it forcefully out the mouth so there is an audible element which cycles back through my ears for greater focus on breath rather than limiting, judging, doubting thought.

You can see the use of this intentional exhale out the mouth at 1:27 and 2:03 of the video.

And here’s the second part just in case you’d like to watch it to the end…

On the Real Action Athletes membership site this week:

  • An awesome 45 minute yoga flow where we practice the breath phases of receiving, absorbing, releasing, and surrendering and how they relate to each posture.
  • A guided meditation where we focus in on these same breath phases, exploring which come easy, and which are more challenging. This is the practice necessary for a more intimate and present relationship with the power of breath.