You have to act before you can re-act, then you can react on the previous reaction and continue on like that building greater accuracy and competency in the movement until it becomes a habit. Muscle memory, that’s what athletes strive for.

A simple example is walking. You don’t need any conscious effort to walk, it’s habitual, but it took a lot of fails and falls until it become this way. This is why you can now walk and think, but when you’re thinking, you miss out on the walking experience. Say you’re really good at mountain biking, your reaction time is incredible; all this effort in progressing has brought you to a point where just like walking you can ride and think…thus missing out on the ride experience. Know what I mean?

ManningReactionOne ‘remedy’ is to push your fitness and technical ability to the edge, this learning process doesn’t leave space for your mind to think about other things, but at the same time it still doesn’t leave space for You to ‘just be’ in the raw & present experience of mountain biking, bit of a catch 22; ride habitually and your mind is busy, go hard and you miss experiencing the moment. Accessing a deep, stable, present and aware centre no matter the riding circumstances takes practice, and so this week on RAA I’ve designed three reaction based practices to help

  • A bizarre yoga sequence that will mess your head if you’re used to a regular balanced flow.
  • A provoking (interrogating)  guided meditation that will get your mind realing if you’re in reaction mode.
  • An on bike practice that is crazy simple, crazy hard, with crazy learning potential.

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