Traveling, for work or pleasure, is a great time to mess with habits, kick old ones, kickstart new ones.

A new generation of travelers want to grow, seek, or change something while on trips; whether that be a diet change, learning a language, taking a course, or going on retreat.


For work travel, I aim to maintain serving habits, my homemade foldable meditation bench and thin foldable yoga mat are great companions to help make that possible

I’m certain in this category of folk, and it’s coming up to holiday time for me. Two weeks away with the family, which I also use as my electronic fast, two weeks free from all things digital. Last year I took an intentional break from my regular meditation habit, practiced handstands everyday, read fiction, tried to learn to juggle 4 clubs, and hand wrote in my journal instead of type. Not sure what I’ll do this year, so I need to take some time to explore what might be meaningful.

So I was inspired to design a practice for Ryan Leech Connection that explores just that by investing the Who, What, When, Why, Obstacles, and How of habits. This along with a great Yoga edge practice from my recent Yukon Ride & Reach rounds out this weeks offerings.