From Squamish singletrack on Friday to Silverstar Bike Park on Saturday, great friends and riding, socializing and partying. Holiday mode Sunday morning and breakfast with friends and then more riding…and a long drive home…gotta postpone my core workout again! Or do I? You see, a strong core is crucial for me, if it’s not my back goes out and I feel generally unstable. So during my solo xc ride on Sunday morning I stopped a few times to do planks.

That’s the theme for this weeks ‘Ryan Leech Connection’ offering. A 12 minute core workout routine that I filmed mid ride, and a focus practice that step by step asks you to identify your preventative maintenance habits, whatever they might be, and explore creative ways to fit them in your schedule.

Core 2014-07-21 at 12.45.20 PM (2)

A dose of core in this mid ride yoga session