Typical conversation at home when I was a kid:

How long til dinner Mum?
10 minutes Ryan.
Perfect, I’ll practice wheelies!

With that attitude, I was quickie equiped, those moments add up!

You’re busy. And life is complex.
No time to practice.
Spare 10 minutes arises, still not enough time…not so fast!
Remember being a kid? What was important was clear, and you made it happen!

What practice do you know you need in your life?…
Wheelies? Meditation? Yoga?
10 minutes is perfect! Even 5…even 1!
5 minutes daily is far more beneficial than one 90 minute class sporadically.

A teacher of mine shared one of her strategies for integrating a tai-chi practice in to her busy life, and that was to practice a minimum of one minute per day; key being that if she was ‘feeling it’ and had the time, she’d add length.

I do this for meditation. Even when I don’t feel like it, when 5 minutes is the minimum, it’s hard to find an out!

Need support? The content I create weekly for my membership site includes ‘quickies’, this weeks is a ten minute yoga routine for those with tight hamstrings.

High fives!