Two weeks on Savary Island, BC with no electronics or motors; my phone was off the entire time. Instead of reaching for my pocket, I reached for my juggling clubs, determined to learn how to juggle four clubs, and made some great progress, sixteen throws and catches.

It took me some time to drop in to holiday mode with my family, for me I had to let go of unnecessary expectations I have for myself…and others, that took the first week. For me, a good sign of letting go of stress is being able to dance goofily with my wife in the kitchen, something I’ve done far too little of recently!

My nephew Niko & I during a spontaneous dock jumping session

My nephew Niko & I during a spontaneous dock jumping session

I had a couple alternating morning rituals while away, Warrior Yoga on the beach, and running to different beaches to meditate. It was a joy to take off running with no watch, timer, or idea of distance, and find a new secluded beach each time. The contrast from running to completely stopping brought such a strong sense of aliveness, sitting feeling my body subtly vibrate is such a simple thing, but so joyous!

Expansive views to expand the mind

Expansive views

Drinking good beer and red wine almost every night was another habit I got in to! Though cumulative effects over two weeks I’m pretty sure had an adverse affect on my juggling prowess; I certainly began feeling a little slower and sluggish all around. Perhaps the brain cells lost were made up by the growth that juggling can trigger in the brain 😉

I am charged up now with plenty of ideas and plans for the Fall Season. Ryan Leech Connection has the addition of riding skill videos, the first I filmed today all about controlled endos. I’m excited to study Gray Cook’s work and apply his functional movement screen to yoga and cycling. I’m also designing a 30 Day Wheelie Challenge that I’m trying to decide whether to launch in the Fall or Spring. Thoughts? Seeya!