Hi Everyone, hope you enjoy this guest post about Unicycles, adventures, Wheels4Life, and Australia!…


G’day my name is Lindsey Colla.

Lindsey with his KH Uni on a training ride

Lindsey with his KH Uni on a training ride

During a recent conversation with Ryan we were chatting about how I have been going with his programing on Ryan Leech Connection and I told of my upcoming Unicycle Adventure that essentially wouldn’t be happening without the initial seed being planted by him.

Ryan was stoked to hear and he then invited me to write this guest blog.

With any luck the ripple effect might flow out and I can inspire others to try a new skill or give a little back to those less fortunate.

On October 4th my good friend Marc and I will be starting a Municycle ride on a 255km trail in South Australia to raise funds for Wheels 4 Life.

Late last year I was listening to the Provisions Podcasts.

Ryan was chatting to Kris Holm about how they both aim to inspire others to give their sport a go rather than just watch.

To quote Kris “I spent my career trying to convince people that Mountain Unicycling is something that anybody can do and having a much smaller proportion of people actually believe me”.

Hearing Kris say this it rung through and a few weeks later I was setting some goals for the new year and put at the top of the list learn how to ride a Unicycle and ride well enough to make it to the local shops and back without crashing before the year is out.

Now as any skill worth having the first few hours it did seem impossible but once you break through that barrier it just clicks and you have it.

Turns out unicycling is actually a much quicker learning curve than I expected having accomplished my goal and much more now riding many of the local mountain bike trails.

uni 4

I have always found inspiration from Ryan whether it is on the bike or on the mat as I have been a bike trials rider for many years and more recently a yogi.

It was an obvious decision to sign up to the Ryan Leech Connection.

This is where I was yet again inspired but not just for my own benefit. I saw an opportunity to potentially help many people using my new riding skill as the leverage.

Ryan was of course talking to the “greatest Mountain Biker of all time” Hans Rey and his efforts with Wheels 4 life.

I investigated further into W4L and watched the video of many grateful recipients of new bikes and could see that this simple thing the bicycle could massively improve lives.

With a few solid hours of hard work the donations are flowing in.

merose & uni 006

Marc and I will soon be wheel to dirt cruising at a top speed of 10.2 km per hour having a great time and knowing that this simple act will change some lives for the better.

If anyone wishes to donate on our behalf go to wheels4life.org click donate today and to add to our tally simply write “Unicycle Adventure” in the comments box.

Thank you for reading and Ryan thanks for the opportunity.

Lindsey Colla