A shift of season can inspire a shift of routine. Inspiration comes easy, taking action is the challenge: Using the example of a creating a consistent yoga practice habit, consider these perspectives:

  • Christmas: It’s 12 weeks away…And Christmas is way better when you feel awesome about your body and have some good de-stressing tools; yoga provides both!
  • Schedule: Tell your family exactly when you’re doing yoga, that way it is non-negotiable, and you won’t schedule other things during that time slot.
  • Money: Buy a punch card or pass at a studio for monetary commitment.
  • Time: If time is tight, subscribe to my online yoga service or others like mine which have a variety of lengths of sessions, so you can’t use time as an excuse.
  • Accountability: Team up with a friend to go to class with so you can hold each other accountable.
  • Purpose: Do a quick journal about why you must build yoga in to your life. Be specific about why this is actually of service to others in your life, how it will support your athletic goals, and how it might support issues of stress & tension.