The word ‘retreat’ reminds me of being a kid during friendly (and sometimes not so friendly!) battles, where a strategy goes wrong and we’d run away yelling “RETREAT RETREAT!!” Same is true today, though my ego is far more stubborn and doesn’t usually retreat soon enough!

Retreating is the healthiest path in many circumstances, that’s why the word has been adopted by so many yoga and healing centers. It has also been adopted by my friends at Trailside Physio, an inspired team of movement specialists who recently held their annual retreat & professional development sessions up in Whistler.

I contributed a yoga session, which was used to set the tone for the weekend, and is the featured class this week on Ryan Leech Connection. I had two goals for this class:

  • Change the physiotherapist focus and perspective from the career required objective/inter-objective to a subjective/inter-subjective perspective, and from looking-at to experiencing-as.
  • Guide a letting go process to create space for new learnings over the weekend.

I’m reminded of a recent talk by Dr. Roger Walsh, who laid out a process for ‘retreating’, which I’ll give this butchered summery of:

  • Stop: Our frenetic lives can quickly condition unskillful habits & mindspaces.
  • Be: Engage a mini practice such as three conscious breaths
  • Intention: We don’t have a lot of control over our minds, but we do have control over our intentions, and by stopping & being we can now set an intention consciously.
  • Impeccable Practice: ‘What you resist persists’, so radically allow challenge to be, live through it as a practice to help guide your path.
  • Warrior: Bring in the warrior archetype, will & determination is necessary for great results.

…And channeling my inner 6 year old….RETREAT!! RETREAT!!!