Hello Wheelie Friends!

The most common feedback I recieve about the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge is that wheelies are challenging! Can you relate?!

Riders will tend to practice really hard, have some initial success, plateau, get frustrated and lose motivation. If they made it far enough along in the course however, their next comment is usually one of delight when they spontaneously try a wheelie a few weeks later and find they’re way better than they were when they quit.

This timeline is one I can relate to. In designing this course, I decided I needed to go through the process of learning a new technical skill so I knew what it was like to be you.

The skill I chose was, strangely enough, juggling clubs, four of them to be precise! I practiced relentlessly, and then would give up. After some time off, I’d come back and often surprise myself with how quickly I’d surpass my previous personal best. After two years, I can now claim to be a four club juggler.

One of your fellow Wheelie Challenge Students summed it up nicely:

“To the new people: I have returned from the future to give you encouragement! I have completed the 30 day challenge. There are going to be some good days, some tough days, and many many great days. At some point, you will think you are not getting it and you will try to give up. Don’t give up!! Keep pushing through!! One day soon, things will click. You will understand it, you will get it, and you WILL become an amazing wheelier!” -Jason