I used to keep my goals private just in case they didn’t come to fruition. I didn’t want to look like I failed. My work now affects more people than just myself, so I now need to and enjoy sharing ideas with others to gain feedback and perspectives that I hadn’t considered. Accountability is also an added bonus!

This following was written for my sponsors, and it’ll take about 2 minutes to read…


For almost 20 years I have accomplished positive public impression for my sponsors in two key ways:

  • Trials Shows: Audience is engaged for 20 minutes (a rare accomplishment in promotions) and is left impacted with a positive experience from a combo of inspiring bike skills and dialogue (also quite rare).
  • Action Videos: An edited mix of fun riding stunts in cool places – I recently published an anthology with all the videos I have appeared in since 1997.

I am still doing trials shows this year and aim to produce a shred-edit or two this year which I’m quite excited about.

My vision and plan moving forward over the next couple years that I believe can be more impactful for my sponsors than anything I’ve done so far. This is a big claim, so I’ll briefly lay out my two year vision:

The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge online program I released in 2015 was a great success. I have almost 1400 registered (most paid and some promo) in the program who study and watch me, my bike, and my gear very closely while they learn a new skill. To generate those customers I received a huge amount of promotion from all the major riding sites and beyond: Long views. Meaningful experience. Target market. Scaleable.

I also produced a free product called ‘Fun & Easy Bike Tricks’ which is a 21 trick tutorial with over 1500 participants now and growing.

In 2016:

I plan to produce 5 more high quality and in depth instructional programs reaching even larger numbers of mountain bikers.

In 2017:

I plan to take these courses on tour – kind of like a musician who records an album one year and then goes on tour the next year. I want to visit all the very best riding destinations in North America and offer clinics that are by donation to the local trail associations. Budget for such an extensive tour that is very ‘story’ oriented and thus promotable, will come from indirect online sales of my programs along with sponsorship support.

The 2017 tour plan is very much in the prototype phase, so I’d love to hear your initial reaction!