Sessioning means practicing something over and over, usually with friends. It’s a fast way to improve skills, and has been at the foundation of my style of riding called trials. This 1-minute long read provides some ideas for how you can add sessioning to your mountain biking experience.

I’ve spent countless hours sessioning abandoned railway tracks.

I’ve spent countless hours sessioning abandoned railway tracks.

It is just not as natural or practical to stop and session a particular section of trail while mountain biking. Your friends might not want to stop either if they’re training or going for strava times. Though with trials it’s just part of the culture to find a zone with rocks and ledges and session challenging sections over and over again taking turns with your friends.

Since you’re more likely a mountain biker than a trials rider, here are some ideas for you to add sessioning into your trail rides:

  • Make a plan with friends before you ride to stop a few times to session. Be very careful it’s not a busy section of trail and avoid sessioning on fast or higher speed trails
  • Stop and session anytime any a rider needs to dab (A dab is when you put your foot down).
  • If someone knows how to ride the section, ask them to show you and then you can all take turns sessioning that section before continuing the ride.
  • If the trail is easy, then create your own challenges. Stop in an open area to play around with various slow speed balance techniques, wheel lifts, or bunny hops.

Forget about Strava and do a few rides like this and your times are likely to improve, especially on the more technical trails. Though I think the most important benefit is that it feels really great to clean a challenging and technical bit of terrain!

Originally posted on the Norco blog