So much riding to be enjoyed this Spring and Summer, so I’m quite mindful of not overdoing it too early on! Same goes for computer time, I’m working really hard right now on all my website content – video editing can be hard on the body too!

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Membership Update

A membership now gives you unlimited access to all courses and content with an ongoing flow of new material posted weekly. Here’s a quick recap from the past month:

Acceleration Theory Tutorial
Commonly referred to as pumping, but so much more than that. I posted a video with some interesting theory about why pumping works, particularly focusing on the downslopes.

Finding Balance Tutorial
I used my favorite balance playground, the drift logs on the beaches in Vancouver, to teach this lesson. Constant corrections, which is analogous to the fact that we’re actually always out of balance and just constantly adjusting.

Bike Festival Yoga Video
I recorded my yoga sessions from the Sea Otter Classic bike festival and posted the first one – which gets into the quads in a couple different ways, including one of my favorites which I recently learned from my physiotherapist.

Private Facebook Group for Members
A long time member started a great discussion about how much importance we should place on speed as a goal in our mountain biking progression:


Comment of the Month

This comes from Alexandru, who is well on his way to wheelie mastery!

“Hi Ryan. I am seeing a lot of progress so far but I don’t know exactly how I should be at this point. In today’s lesson I had many attempts that were very good (10 strokes and more) but they were pretty rare. Most of the time there were 2-5 strokes and sometimes it became a little bit frustrating. So, in this lesson, what is the level we should be at? 5-6 strokes, more, less? Also, I noticed I am holding my breath during the wheelie. So I am working a bit on breathing because I noticed when I remain without air, I will use the brake and end the wheelie.” – Alexandru