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Ryan Leech Connection, based out of Vancouver, BC Canada, offers mountain bike video training and interactive coaching to support the growth of mountain bikers riding performance and experience. We believe in mountain biking as a lifelong passion, so care is taken to combine effective skill development progressions with physical and mental fitness practices. Our mantra Bike – Body – Mind informs and inspires all the content we produce. Ryan Leech established this membership website in 2012 as a place to share the skills he developed during his 20 year career as a professional mountain biker.

Ryan Leech Connection Team

Ryan Leech
Ryan LeechChief Enthusiast Officer
Ryan has performed thousands of bicycle stunt shows around the world including Cirque du Soleil, and been featured in dozens of mountain bike films. Leech hosted a how-to series on the Ride Guide TV Show, produced a cult classic instructional DVD called ‘Mastering the Art of Trials’, and has run numerous Ride & Reach retreats throughout the world. He credits a dedicated yoga practice for a thriving and sustainable career as an athlete, and has been teaching yoga to mountain bikers since 2009. As an avid explorer of human potential and development, Ryan earned his certification as an Integral Master Coach™ to gain a stronger ability to take the perspective of other riders of various levels and mindsets, a very important, but often overlooked step in teaching and creating programs.
Elaine Bothe
Elaine BotheContributor/Ambassador
Elaine is a lifetime enthusiast, teaching herself to ride on a borrowed bike at age 4. She eventually found her true passion in the dirt learning new skills, racing downhill, pedaling back up as fast as possible and helping others go even faster! Elaine coaches for Wenzel Coaching and holds Level 2 MTB instructor certifications through IMBA and Simon Lawton’s Fluidride program. She can usually be found grinning and kicking up dust or mud on a trail near Portland, Oregon.
Andrew Dow
Andrew DowYoga and Mental Fitness Coach
Andrew has spent his life finding freedom through riding his bike. He recently moved to the small coastal community of Lund BC to raise his young family in the playground of the forest. He currently teaches Yoga, Fitness and personally trains clients in Powell River as well as facilitating at the ProHealth Yoga teacher training in Vancouver. Andrew is also an Integral Professional Coach and Mountain Bike Instructor.
Jeffrey Neitlich
Jeffrey NeitlichCurriculum Expert & Ambassador
Jeff cycled in his youth, but didn’t begin his obsession with mountain biking until his late 40’s. He became enamored with the videos of Martyn Ashton, Danny Macaskill and of course, Ryan Leech, but never considered that he could learn these ‘superhuman’ skills, particularly at his age. Then, at age 51, he came across a promo for Ryan’s 30 Day Wheelie Challenge, and decided – why not! Three months later he was riding Wheelies through the streets of Washington, and soon became an early member of Ryan Leech Connection. Now at 53, besides being a physician, Jeff is a proud ‘conqueror of fears’ and is taking up trials riding in addition to his daily trail rides and skills training (now in North Carolina). Not to compete, but because he has found that balance is the key to living with joy— whether it be in mind, body, spirit, nutrition or on the back wheel of a bike!
Wacek Kipszak, WAKi
Wacek Kipszak, WAKiContributor/Ambassador
Have you seen the drawings in the Wheelie Challenge, Fun & Easy, and The Manual course? If so, it’s thanks to WAKi’s talent as both an artist and an avid learner.
Russ Risdon
Russ RisdonMountain Bike Coach
Russ has been an avid traveler through-out North America riding all the best bike parks and trails – mountain biking has fueled his life since 1988. He is a certified PMBi mountain bike coach and guide for Cog Wild in Bend, OR. He is also a certified Pilates (15 years),TRX and Spin instructor. He is constantly combining his knowledge of fitness and biking to help his students and himself excel, as well as being a student and learning from others. Ride bikes & smile!
Rob Walcer
Rob WalcerAmbassador
Rob is an avid mountain biker and enjoys personal exploration and growth through cycling. Within his local community he is deeply involved with local trail advocacy, development and maintenance, digging at the local bike skills park and riding/coaching with youth. He is a husband and father, and has been an active member of Ryan Leech Connection since its inception in 2013.

Gold Partners

In my senior years as a cycling industry pro athlete, ambassador, and advocate, I have the freedom to choose who I represent. I choose Shimano. I have visited their factory in Japan, have conversed and partied with their engineers, and experienced the pride and love they put in to their product. It shines through not only in the jewerly like appearance of their product, but in the crisp and unarguable functionality of their equipment. Though Shimano is a large company, they maintain a family vibe, and I am proud to continue contributing in my own small way to the big family company that drives most bikes on this planet.

Norco has supported my journey from young hot-shot trials kid to the introspective bicycle loving man I am today. Their staff have groomed me, influenced me, shared their passion for bikes with me. This company has been a family for me, they’ve opened doors, created opportunities, and co-created the Ryan Leech brand with me. Young bicycle talent simply cannot carve a career from their skills without dedicated industry support, Norco has done that for me, and I am forever grateful.


Some partnerships just make sense, the Leech/Nutcase link is one of those. First off, their product is solid. I am happy to continue being a nutcase in my Nutcase. These aren’t just another dirt lid, every detail has been thought through and questioned. For me personally, the Nutcase vibe is inspirational, they’re a fun loving company, and their passionate about living a cycling lifestyle…with their headquarters in Portland OR, they’re in a prime spot. I’m also pumped about having a new style graphic helmet for each of my riding outfits 😉

Though their headquarters are in my backyard, Ryders Eyewear product has been protecting my eyes around the globe for over 16 years. Another long term partnership that I prize. Ryders has a mission, to bring stoke to the world. Sure I’m stoked to get an endless supply of free shades, but just like anything you wear, their is a culture that goes along with it, and that comes from the lifestyle of the employees, and Ryders represents the outdoor lifestyle through and through, and that’s a stoke I’m happy to pass along through all I do.

As a mountain biking grom in high school, I’d dream about having a Marzocchi suspension fork. Now, I have the privilege of inspiring that dream into the next generation of young rippers! My riding interests have exploded in recent years, so I’m delighted to drape my trials bikes, enduro bike, XC 29″ hard tail, 650b hardtail play bike, and All Mountain 4″ travel ripper with the best suspension platform on the market. It’s a delight to strengthen the Leech/Marzocchi connection after a few years of riding other companies products.


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