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Want to up your mountain bike game? Race to ride!

Have you ever raced or does it scare you? Consider racing just to ride as your goal! You’ll challenge yourself, your skills and your fitness. Where else but a race can you enjoy following a stranger who’s just a little bit faster than you or share your secrets with someone a little slower? You’ll discover new [...]

By | April 1st, 2017|Guest Post, Uncategorized|12 Comments

Decision Making – Drops, Jumps and Gaps – Guest Post by Elaine Bothe

Learning good drop technique, building up to the big ones slowly and investigating a drop before sending it will be safer and more fun when you are ready! Written By Coach Elaine Bothe from the Ryan Leech Connection Team "Should I or shouldn't I?" Enjoying challenges, building skills progressively and assessing risks are part of [...]

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Overcoming fear of crashing

Are you afraid of crashing? Wonder how to overcome fear? Working on strengthening your bike skills and the connection between your body and mind. Here is a particularly relevant question that one of our website readers sent in. Who hasn’t felt the same way? Read on, and share your experiences overcoming fear in the comments section below!  [...]

By | November 15th, 2016|Coaching, Guest Post, Mental Fitness|1 Comment

7 Head Injury & Crash Tips – By Coach Elaine

*If you have hit your head in a crash - please seek medical attention as soon as possible. These 7 considerations are NOT a replacement for first-aid protocol - and we highly recommend riders take first-aid to understand the abc's of tending to another rider who has crashed whether they hit their head or not. Head [...]

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Reaching a Plateau? Try something Different!

Guest Post by Elaine Bothe Are you stuck on a lesson or not quite getting something? What have you found helpful to blast through it? During a recent practice session, I discovered how reviewing other skills and riding on different terrain can help! When you hit a plateau, try these ideas to mix up your [...]

By | September 4th, 2016|Guest Post|1 Comment