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Ryan Leech trials demo at Lynn Valley Elementary School

For the launch of bike to school week Ryan performed his “Trials of Life” show for the students at Lynn Valley Elementary School. He was also having fun with a group of pirates, and even jumped over one! See more photos here

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How a squirrel taught me trail confidence

Guest post by Mark Bakker - Director of Growth at Ryan Leech Connection It all started when I used /giphy squirrel on Slack. (Slack is an instant messaging service that Ryan and I use to chat with each other. It has a plugin called Giphy which displays a random GIF from your keyword.) Note: some [...]

By | May 3rd, 2016|Mental Fitness|4 Comments

Membership Explosion

Ryan Leech Member Why Reach Full time In-Person Coaching Tour benefitting Trail Associations & Clubs

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All Access Membership Launch

Ryan Leech Connection Version 3 Launch - Skill Focus - 400 monthly memberships Total Number of Students: 6000 NPS (Net Promoter Score = 81.5) Description from Mark What and Why important. The Bunnyhop Manual - June 2016 Mini-Tour

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Expanding Online Course Offerings

Launched The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge - 1850 registered users Launched Baseline Balance Skills for Mtn Bikers - 700 registered users Fun & Easy Bike Tricks - 2300 registered users

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Ryan Leech Connection Membership Version 1 Launch – Yoga focus.

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Certified as Integral Master Coach to understand the deeper methodology behind effective coaching

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Certified as Yoga Teach to share benefits to other cyclists

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Release cult hit Mastering the Art of Trials instructional DVD for trials riders and mountain bikers

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