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Results Reflection: The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

An inspiring and useful course completion report from Renzo who just finished The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge. Thanks Renzo!... Completion Reflection Questions and Answers from Renzo: 1) How would you describe the increase of connection to and with your bike from Ride #1 and now after Ride #12? a) Before starting the flat pedal challenge, [...]

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The Power of Visualization – #BikeBodyMind

Guest Post by Curriculum Expert & Ambassador Jeffrey Neitlich From the Ryan Leech Connection Mtn Bike Skill Coaching Website I have spent the last few months working on a variety of skills/challenges: manuals, bunnyhops, balance, technical climbing, etc. Because of this, I haven't actually tried to wheelie in quite a while. This morning, I decided [...]

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Infographic of a Pro Career

I have the same giddy enthusiasm for creating my course curriculums as I did when training to become a pro. Only in retrospect do I realize that my bike industry career primed me to run an online coaching service for mountain bikers. Passion & purpose is a strong driver - when you look back retrospectively, [...]

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May 2016 Update

So much riding to be enjoyed this Spring and Summer, so I’m quite mindful of not overdoing it too early on! Same goes for computer time, I’m working really hard right now on all my website content - video editing can be hard on the body too! Membership Update A membership now gives you unlimited [...]

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Sessioning means practicing something over and over, usually with friends. It’s a fast way to improve skills, and has been at the foundation of my style of riding called trials. This 1-minute long read provides some ideas for how you can add sessioning to your mountain biking experience. I’ve spent countless hours sessioning abandoned [...]

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Sea-Otter Bike Fest Celebrations

18 years since my first Sea Otter Classic where I competed in the trials comp 15 years of performing trials shows 6 years teaching free yoga classes Now at age 37, my preparation for a 10 trials show event is a little different. I trail ride more than trials ride these days, and trials requires [...]

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How to Watch Mtn Bike Videos

[3 minute read] When I was young - only a few VHS tape mountain bike movies came out per year. The users of the most popular mountain biking websites Pinkbike, sees 100 new video uploads per day! The content being produced is simply incredible: high quality, inspiring locations, and breathtaking talent. This article has none of that, no whoa [...]

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My Vision for 2016 & Beyond

I used to keep my goals private just in case they didn't come to fruition. I didn't want to look like I failed. My work now affects more people than just myself, so I now need to and enjoy sharing ideas with others to gain feedback and perspectives that I hadn't considered. Accountability is also an added [...]

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