Results Reflection: The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

An inspiring and useful course completion report from Renzo who just finished The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge. Thanks Renzo!... Completion Reflection Questions and Answers from Renzo: 1) How would you describe the increase of connection to and with your bike from Ride #1 and now after Ride #12? a) Before starting the flat pedal challenge, [...]

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Overcoming fear of crashing

Are you afraid of crashing? Wonder how to overcome fear? Working on strengthening your bike skills and the connection between your body and mind. Here is a particularly relevant question that one of our website readers sent in. Who hasn’t felt the same way? Read on, and share your experiences overcoming fear in the comments section below!  [...]

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Infographic of a Pro Career

I have the same giddy enthusiasm for creating my course curriculums as I did when training to become a pro. Only in retrospect do I realize that my bike industry career primed me to run an online coaching service for mountain bikers. Passion & purpose is a strong driver - when you look back retrospectively, [...]

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How to Watch Mtn Bike Videos

[3 minute read] When I was young - only a few VHS tape mountain bike movies came out per year. The users of the most popular mountain biking websites Pinkbike, sees 100 new video uploads per day! The content being produced is simply incredible: high quality, inspiring locations, and breathtaking talent. This article has none of that, no whoa [...]

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Wheelies are Challenging!

Hello Wheelie Friends! The most common feedback I recieve about the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge is that wheelies are challenging! Can you relate?! Riders will tend to practice really hard, have some initial success, plateau, get frustrated and lose motivation. If they made it far enough along in the course however, their next comment is [...]

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Trying too Hard?

Except from the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge News: There is a common phenomena in technical sports where big gains are made AFTER giving up. This has been my personal experience too, though I find it's not a matter of trying too hard, it's a matter of knowing when to take some time off! I remember [...]

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Riding Distance…in Time

Consider the distance you’ve travelled (not in kilometers...or miles) from when you started riding to now in terms of skills, friendship, and enjoyment. I did a super quick sketch of this for myself between the ages of 13-35:   For me, skill doesn’t correlate with enjoyment. That’s a myth in sport. Now with trials for [...]

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Whispers from the Future

To begin, a response I gave in a recent interview:  What does mountain biking mean to you? ...Today, I love the sport more than I ever; it fuels me in life, and life fuels my riding.  It’s like a positive feedback loop that helps helps keep me on-purpose in life, rides are filled with little [...]

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WordPress Membership Plugin Research

A little personal rant if I may. I'm working on a new project, a membership based online community for athletes, pro or recreational, that want to create deeper more meaningful lives. I am coaching each member through either one-on-one conversation and program design or written feedback on a DIY program design. Members will be able [...]

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