Sea-Otter Bike Fest Celebrations

18 years since my first Sea Otter Classic where I competed in the trials comp 15 years of performing trials shows 6 years teaching free yoga classes Now at age 37, my preparation for a 10 trials show event is a little different. I trail ride more than trials ride these days, and trials requires [...]

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My Vision for 2016 & Beyond

I used to keep my goals private just in case they didn't come to fruition. I didn't want to look like I failed. My work now affects more people than just myself, so I now need to and enjoy sharing ideas with others to gain feedback and perspectives that I hadn't considered. Accountability is also an added [...]

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Train Track Progression

Stoked to receive this video from James Barton sharing his appreciation for my video segments. His project was to nail all the train track lines from my video Manifesto (and Kranked 5) and add his own progressions too which he did beautifully and very impressively! Thanks James! Manifesto along with all the films I've appeared in [...]

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Trying too Hard?

Except from the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge News: There is a common phenomena in technical sports where big gains are made AFTER giving up. This has been my personal experience too, though I find it's not a matter of trying too hard, it's a matter of knowing when to take some time off! I remember [...]

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How does your mindset affect your speed? I devised a simple experiment. You can gauge a ride based on performance or enjoyment...or both. If it’s performance, you’re Charging, and probably using Strava. If it’s enjoyment you’re blissing, and finding the most pleasurable lines. If it’s both there’s a good chance you’re flowing. So, I rode [...]

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Copy Cat to Creation

Watch. Imitate. We all start out in riding by imitating. Monkey See Monkey Do. (to borrow the title of an old Hans Rey film) That’s what we are for the most part, monkeys. Almost all our abilities on our bikes, arise from imitation. Typically, once you master what you’re imitating, then you’re in a position [...]

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Why You Don’t Deserve to Win

You don't deserve to win because everyone else deserves to win. Hmm. Sure you trained hard, but so did he and she, and she lost her Mom, and he is the underdog, and, and, etc etc. I contemplated this word ‘deserve’ during rides and yoga this week and concluded, as you can gather from my [...]

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Whispers from the Future

To begin, a response I gave in a recent interview:  What does mountain biking mean to you? ...Today, I love the sport more than I ever; it fuels me in life, and life fuels my riding.  It’s like a positive feedback loop that helps helps keep me on-purpose in life, rides are filled with little [...]

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Circle of Life

In the last few days a close friends dog was just put down...and my wife and I just got a new puppy. We are all going to die, from the day we’re born we’re on our way, that’s the one thing we do know for certain. When, we can’t know, so an important question becomes [...]

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