BC Bike Race Yoga Video Series

I just published the BC Bike Race yoga video series on my webstore, six different 30-minute long yoga routines for riders who are training and racing HARD! When I agreed to teach for the event, I knew these routines could be valuable for other riders, so I had them recorded. Though I didn't know just [...]

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BC Bike Race Reflection

Put your body on a bike in the mountains on single track for seven days in seven different locations with 500 others from all over the world and you get the BC Bike Race. I’m thrilled to be a finisher along with contributing six yoga sessions to all the participants. Thanks to the BC Bike [...]

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BC Bike Race Day 1

I got excited, and did the classic stage race mistake by riding way too hard the first day. But without much racing savvy and never having done a stage race, its all conceptual until you're in it! Took me 3 hours and 23 minutes to complete the 55 or so kilometers, and by the end [...]

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BC Bike Race Anticipation

My main BC Bike Race goal: teach awesome recovery yoga sessions for beat bodies. Things got more complicated when I was invited to also race. Silly idea at first, I'm a trials rider. Though if I did race, I'd know exactly what type of yoga everyone would need. Good thing. Would I be able to [...]

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BCBR Training Ride Yoga Sample

My Yoga for Cyclists DVD doesn't have a yoga routine that is relaxed enough for very tired bodies...like the one I have right now from BC Bike Race training. Whew! My calves have never been so tight!! Sooo, since I'll be riding in the event, and teaching yoga, I thought I'd share a quickie routine [...]

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Off Season Creativity

The 'off-season' has always been a time to create. In years past, I would focus my efforts on trick and skill development, so that when the season of shows and filming hit, I'd be able to execute. These days, I spend more time cross training in order to execute (thanks yoga & TRX), and the [...]

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My Experience Meditating

For over five years, six days a week, at least twenty minutes a day, I have meditated. That’s a hell of a long time to be doing nothing, so from all that doing nothing, the purpose of this blog post is to articulate my learnings. Tricky, because it’d be all too easy for me to [...]

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Commuter Etiquette

“Hey, learn your hand signals”, a driver yelled at me last week while I was riding home loaded up with groceries. I figured I was a really conscientious bike commuter, so I managed to come up with a whole bunch of reasons to ease my mind as to why it was okay that I didn’t [...]

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Regret as Chance for Compassionate Evolution

Regret is a strange beast because hindsight is always 20/20. It can be a sneaky trap, it can hold you in the past, and if indulged, it can be very depressing. However, if regret is held consciously, it can trigger inspiration and open up future possibilities for yourself and others.   I bring this topic [...]

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