Clear as Mud

Dreams come easy, and just as easily the stark gap between dream and reality–good because it creates the tension necessary for action, but bad because it creates dissatisfaction with what is. I was rarely satisfied with my skill level on the bike, and this dream-dissatisfaction-learn it-dream-etc etc, was a very linear process, not much to [...]

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Breathing Techniques for Sport

The simplest skill I teach at Ride & Reach workshops is breathing. Seems obvious right, of course, breathing, you know how to do that, lets move on…but what is no-so-simple is making it a conscious breath, that takes practice, and that requires technique. Additionally, it is the type of situation you are in that will [...]

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Red Bull Crashed Ice Gig

To start, check out the 3 minute video clip of my performance at the Red Bull Crashed Ice event in Quebec City... Unique opportunities present themselves when you have an established reputation in the cycling world for consistency and reliability in a very niche field such as trials riding. However, riding on ice is something [...]

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Mongolia Epic: Is it for you?

The Mongolia Bike Challenge. Is it for you? This is going to be a deluxe event. The more I learn, the more amped I get about going. To listen to a chit chat, about 4 minutes long, here's an audio interview I had yesterday with Chris, one of the organizing partners. His thoughts and mine in compact [...]

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Beginner Ride & Reach in Whitehorse

Do you love yoga? Are you a beginner or first time mountain biker intrigued by the sport? Do you like traveling and exploring new places? Do you love nature and homemade wholesome food?   Upon inquiry, it seemed that this description fit many! So I teamed up with my good friends at Boreale Mountain Biking [...]

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Healthy Relationship to Sport 1 of 5

I was recently featured as a guest at FEAT Canada, which stands for Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks. Along with rock climbers, long distance hikers, free divers, extreme skiers, Antarctic kayakers, was my talk, which wasn’t about trials biking, but about healthy relationship to sport and common sport-abuse patterns. So my question was: Are you [...]

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