Mindfulness in Adventure

Published in Explore Magazine: 4 Steps to bring mindfulness to your next adventurous pursuit: Step 1 - Bring awareness to your breath Seemingly simple, and seriously profound. Yet reliable access to the focus that breath awareness brings is not simple, it’s a skill, and requires an ability to become more quickly aware of those times [...]

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Can you RE-Relax

When you’re relaxed, can you re-relax? It’s hard to even relax in the first place though, let alone re-relax! The body-mind connection makes this clear. Just try to stay relaxed for more than a few moments, chances are your mind will drift off and habitual muscle tension will return to the body. Not only that [...]

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Practice in your Minds Eye

As a teenager, I practiced bike trials until dark, often failing to make progress on a specific trick. Exhausted, I’d visualize the trick before bed, and then all through the next day at school...after school I’d try it and nail it first try. Practicing in the minds eye is soooo powerful. I visualized this [...]

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Whispers from the Future

To begin, a response I gave in a recent interview:  What does mountain biking mean to you? ...Today, I love the sport more than I ever; it fuels me in life, and life fuels my riding.  It’s like a positive feedback loop that helps helps keep me on-purpose in life, rides are filled with little [...]

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You’re Missing Out

You're missing out, and so am I... Why do athletes always talk about how sport affects their life, but rarely acknowledge how life affects their sport? In other words, how do all the things you’re dealing with in life affect how you experience and perform in sport? Life and sport cannot be separated, they intimately [...]

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