Overcoming fear of crashing

Are you afraid of crashing? Wonder how to overcome fear? Working on strengthening your bike skills and the connection between your body and mind. Here is a particularly relevant question that one of our website readers sent in. Who hasn’t felt the same way? Read on, and share your experiences overcoming fear in the comments section below!  [...]

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The Power of Visualization – #BikeBodyMind

Guest Post by Curriculum Expert & Ambassador Jeffrey Neitlich From the Ryan Leech Connection Mtn Bike Skill Coaching Website I have spent the last few months working on a variety of skills/challenges: manuals, bunnyhops, balance, technical climbing, etc. Because of this, I haven't actually tried to wheelie in quite a while. This morning, I decided [...]

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How a squirrel taught me trail confidence

Guest post by Mark Bakker - Director of Growth at Ryan Leech Connection It all started when I used /giphy squirrel on Slack. (Slack is an instant messaging service that Ryan and I use to chat with each other. It has a plugin called Giphy which displays a random GIF from your keyword.) Note: some [...]

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Mindfulness in Adventure

Published in Explore Magazine: 4 Steps to bring mindfulness to your next adventurous pursuit: Step 1 - Bring awareness to your breath Seemingly simple, and seriously profound. Yet reliable access to the focus that breath awareness brings is not simple, it’s a skill, and requires an ability to become more quickly aware of those times [...]

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The word 'retreat' reminds me of being a kid during friendly (and sometimes not so friendly!) battles, where a strategy goes wrong and we'd run away yelling "RETREAT RETREAT!!" Same is true today, though my ego is far more stubborn and doesn’t usually retreat soon enough! Retreating is the healthiest path in many circumstances, that’s why the [...]

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