Mindfulness in Adventure

Published in Explore Magazine: 4 Steps to bring mindfulness to your next adventurous pursuit: Step 1 - Bring awareness to your breath Seemingly simple, and seriously profound. Yet reliable access to the focus that breath awareness brings is not simple, it’s a skill, and requires an ability to become more quickly aware of those times [...]

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The word 'retreat' reminds me of being a kid during friendly (and sometimes not so friendly!) battles, where a strategy goes wrong and we'd run away yelling "RETREAT RETREAT!!" Same is true today, though my ego is far more stubborn and doesn’t usually retreat soon enough! Retreating is the healthiest path in many circumstances, that’s why the [...]

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Season & Possible Habit Change

A shift of season can inspire a shift of routine. Inspiration comes easy, taking action is the challenge: Using the example of a creating a consistent yoga practice habit, consider these perspectives: Christmas: It’s 12 weeks away...And Christmas is way better when you feel awesome about your body and have some good de-stressing tools; yoga [...]

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Uni Adventure in OZ for Wheels4Life

Hi Everyone, hope you enjoy this guest post about Unicycles, adventures, Wheels4Life, and Australia!...   G’day my name is Lindsey Colla. Lindsey with his KH Uni on a training ride During a recent conversation with Ryan we were chatting about how I have been going with his programing on Ryan Leech Connection and I [...]

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How does your mindset affect your speed? I devised a simple experiment. You can gauge a ride based on performance or enjoyment...or both. If it’s performance, you’re Charging, and probably using Strava. If it’s enjoyment you’re blissing, and finding the most pleasurable lines. If it’s both there’s a good chance you’re flowing. So, I rode [...]

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Riding Distance…in Time

Consider the distance you’ve travelled (not in kilometers...or miles) from when you started riding to now in terms of skills, friendship, and enjoyment. I did a super quick sketch of this for myself between the ages of 13-35:   For me, skill doesn’t correlate with enjoyment. That’s a myth in sport. Now with trials for [...]

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Practicing Postponing

From Squamish singletrack on Friday to Silverstar Bike Park on Saturday, great friends and riding, socializing and partying. Holiday mode Sunday morning and breakfast with friends and then more riding...and a long drive home...gotta postpone my core workout again! Or do I? You see, a strong core is crucial for me, if it’s not my back goes [...]

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