Can you RE-Relax

When you’re relaxed, can you re-relax? It’s hard to even relax in the first place though, let alone re-relax! The body-mind connection makes this clear. Just try to stay relaxed for more than a few moments, chances are your mind will drift off and habitual muscle tension will return to the body. Not only that [...]

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Quickie Equiped

Typical conversation at home when I was a kid: How long til dinner Mum? 10 minutes Ryan. Perfect, I'll practice wheelies! With that attitude, I was quickie equiped, those moments add up! You’re busy. And life is complex. No time to practice. Spare 10 minutes arises, still not enough time...not so fast! Remember being a [...]

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Copy Cat to Creation

Watch. Imitate. We all start out in riding by imitating. Monkey See Monkey Do. (to borrow the title of an old Hans Rey film) That’s what we are for the most part, monkeys. Almost all our abilities on our bikes, arise from imitation. Typically, once you master what you’re imitating, then you’re in a position [...]

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Practice in your Minds Eye

As a teenager, I practiced bike trials until dark, often failing to make progress on a specific trick. Exhausted, I’d visualize the trick before bed, and then all through the next day at school...after school I’d try it and nail it first try. Practicing in the minds eye is soooo powerful. I visualized this [...]

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Re-Action Traction

You have to act before you can re-act, then you can react on the previous reaction and continue on like that building greater accuracy and competency in the movement until it becomes a habit. Muscle memory, that's what athletes strive for. A simple example is walking. You don’t need any conscious effort to walk, it’s [...]

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Transition Revelation

BAM! Spine compressed and neck whipped from another flat landing. What's your biggest drop to flat? Not an answer I'm proud to share! Transitions had not been discovered in the early mountain bike scene I grew up in. What a revelation when when I discovered I could spread out the impact gracefully with a transition. [...]

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Breathing Zone

I visited my trial trail from Kranked 6 with a Ride & Reach group over the weekend. Crazy memories! Bjorn Enga & I reminiscing on our creation from back in 2006 The video shows a very clear example of how I chose to use my breath to ‘force’ myself in to the zone. [...]

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Why You Don’t Deserve to Win

You don't deserve to win because everyone else deserves to win. Hmm. Sure you trained hard, but so did he and she, and she lost her Mom, and he is the underdog, and, and, etc etc. I contemplated this word ‘deserve’ during rides and yoga this week and concluded, as you can gather from my [...]

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Failure for Thought

A poem I wrote as a reflection on my values as a mountain biker and as a learner: You can fail in action or from inaction. Failure from inaction arises as increasingly potent signs. Failing from actions is obvious, and culturally avoided. A variance between body and mind creates the developmental tension necessary to drive [...]

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