Membership Explosion

Ryan Leech Member Why Reach Full time In-Person Coaching Tour benefitting Trail Associations & Clubs

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All Access Membership Launch

Ryan Leech Connection Version 3 Launch - Skill Focus - 400 monthly memberships Total Number of Students: 6000 NPS (Net Promoter Score = 81.5) Description from Mark What and Why important. The Bunnyhop Manual - June 2016 Mini-Tour

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Expanding Online Course Offerings

Launched The 30 Day Wheelie Challenge - 1850 registered users Launched Baseline Balance Skills for Mtn Bikers - 700 registered users Fun & Easy Bike Tricks - 2300 registered users

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Ryan Leech Connection Membership Version 1 Launch – Yoga focus.

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Certified as Integral Master Coach to understand the deeper methodology behind effective coaching

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Certified as Yoga Teach to share benefits to other cyclists

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Release cult hit Mastering the Art of Trials instructional DVD for trials riders and mountain bikers

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Started practicing yoga to recover from back, knee, wrist, and shoulder injuries. The power of the Bike Body Mind Connection began to come true.

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Certified as a coach and guide through the Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Certification program (CMIC), now owned by IMBA.

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