My Vision for 2016 & Beyond

I used to keep my goals private just in case they didn't come to fruition. I didn't want to look like I failed. My work now affects more people than just myself, so I now need to and enjoy sharing ideas with others to gain feedback and perspectives that I hadn't considered. Accountability is also an added [...]

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Endo of Summer

Two weeks on Savary Island, BC with no electronics or motors; my phone was off the entire time. Instead of reaching for my pocket, I reached for my juggling clubs, determined to learn how to juggle four clubs, and made some great progress, sixteen throws and catches. It took me some time to drop in [...]

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Cornish Holiday

I'm on holiday with Caryn in Cornwall, UK, to celebrate an entire decade of marriage! We're also visiting and staying with my uncle. Google has nothing on my Uncle when it comes to Britain's history, he's also the youngest 75 year old I know. He jumped a stream today, and can out-walk both of us [...]

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BC Bike Race Reflection

Put your body on a bike in the mountains on single track for seven days in seven different locations with 500 others from all over the world and you get the BC Bike Race. I’m thrilled to be a finisher along with contributing six yoga sessions to all the participants. Thanks to the BC Bike [...]

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Soul to Sol

Invited to Sol Mountain Lodge to scope new bike trails in the Glorious alpine. Amazing bedrock to ride on and lakes to gaze upon. Hills called for yoga. I wanted to share this yoga vibe. So called my buddy Alex, videographer extraordinaire. A Yoga for cyclists DVD soon to [...]

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Mongolia Bike (& Yoga) Challenge

The Mongolia Bike Challenge was an 11-day stage race where riders pedal 1400km off road with 14,000 meters elevation gain. This distance took us into the remote edges of the Mongolian landscape—however this exploration pales in comparison to the edges participants travel within their body, mind, and Spirit.   My job here is [...]

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Mongolia Yoga Challenge

Dear Mongolia Bike Challenge Participants, and those still considering registration, What are you willing to do in order to maximize your performance and magnify your enjoyment at the Mongolia Bike Challenge? At the end of each 140km riding stage, I'm going to suggest investing in a 30 minute yoga practice to consciously recover rather than [...]

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Red Bull Crashed Ice Gig

To start, check out the 3 minute video clip of my performance at the Red Bull Crashed Ice event in Quebec City... Unique opportunities present themselves when you have an established reputation in the cycling world for consistency and reliability in a very niche field such as trials riding. However, riding on ice is something [...]

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