Ryan Leech trials demo at Lynn Valley Elementary School

For the launch of bike to school week Ryan performed his “Trials of Life” show for the students at Lynn Valley Elementary School. He was also having fun with a group of pirates, and even jumped over one! See more photos here

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BC Athlete Voice Introduced, in conference style, the Telus Athlete Voice Leadership School I attended this opening yesterday as an Athlete Mentor, and have been matched up with two High School Athlete Leaders. We’ll jam together over the next four months! The conference featured 3 guest speakers, by Senior Athlete Leaders Steve Podborski, Diane Clement [...]

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A mid tour trip back home!

After the show I drove up to Toronto, dropped my truck and trailer off, and am now waiting for my flight back home to BC. Yup, a mid tour trip home!

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Friday Afternoon, gotta chill

Crashed during the last school show today, slipped out on the back wheel and landed on my now bruised sit bones.

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PinkBike Post

Just a quick link to a blog post I wrote for PinkBike. Click Here. It's the first of three posts I'll share on that site during my tour...

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Leech Headshave Fundraiser

My contribution is to give my Trials of Life presentation to the top three fundraising schools. On top of that, I have agreed to have my head shaved by the Cops on June 1st at one of the schools...that is if I manage to raise $1000 toward this cause.

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My Cross Canada Adventure Begins

Anyway, got my key, grabbed my things from the truck, walked in the smelly room and looked at the caved in bed, hmmm, pulled the sheets up and spotted a...

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Fall’ing Days

A few projects on the go right now. One is some preparatory work on another Canadian Trials-of-Life school tour in the Spring of 2010.

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Toronto Bike Show

Just at the hotel room resting after the first day of the Toronto Bike Show. I rode to and from the event with an extra long seatpost in my bike, it's only takes about 20 minutes in a granny geared fat tired bike, so it's pretty close. It makes me happy to be able to ride the same bike to the show as I perform on.

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