A Philosophical 1st

I’m sick. Slept from 10pm to 8am last night through all the neighbourhood partying. I watched my family leave to go play in the mountains today, I stayed home to rest, and did some journaling and meditation, from which ideas and thoughts emerged and below is my best unpacking of it in to words. It’s [...]

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Ruts: RL Newsletter

My newsletter "An Alternative Approach" means choice. When you're stuck in a rut, you've done the same thing over and over and created a rut, often it's so deep you're 'choicelessly' stuck in it. We create ruts with our riding style too. For instance, everytime I get on a balance line, I stick my foot [...]

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Leech Video History Download

I am proud and happy to introduce the Ryan Leech Video History Download. Been working my whole life on this ;-) Through my career I self-produced 3 films and was featured in 18 others. Every video segment I was inspired to offer something new and creative and to push my own boundaries and also the [...]

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Athletes in Transition

Was chatting to a coaching colleague today about our coaching 'niche’s', mine helping athletes during transition, and he helped me clarify some objectives for an interview series I’m planning for early 2013 with famous athletes who have been through this. My friend helped me get clear on how massive this retirement transition can be for [...]

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In The Zone vs Zoning Out

Ever drive or ride somewhere and once you arrive you don’t remember a thing about the actual journey? Seems most people can relate. Ever been playing a sport and felt as though you could do no wrong, felt time slowing down, or felt as though a very difficult move, trail, or play was easy? Seems [...]

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Cross Training with a Twist

Gone are the days where all I did to train was ride my bike. At a certain stage in my career my body asked for more, thus my yoga journey began, that was nine years ago. But yoga isn’t necessarily enough either, especially for trials riding, and doing so much yoga can also require cross [...]

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A question of balance?

I love talking about balance. This blog blip is about bike/life balance. Some differences it seems... Back in the day my mentor Robin Coope designed a mountain bike clinic called “A Question of Balance”. Indeed, riding a bike is all about balance; I pushed the boundaries of balance as a career, and did it in [...]

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Commemorative Trials Trix

My parents are proud of my career as a pro mountain biker, what a blessing to have their support through the years. As I diversify my offerings in the world to include yoga and Integral Coaching®, my Dad decided to present me with a gift to commemorate my years thus far as a pro. He [...]

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