Sea-Otter Bike Fest Celebrations

18 years since my first Sea Otter Classic where I competed in the trials comp 15 years of performing trials shows 6 years teaching free yoga classes Now at age 37, my preparation for a 10 trials show event is a little different. I trail ride more than trials ride these days, and trials requires [...]

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Practice in your Minds Eye

As a teenager, I practiced bike trials until dark, often failing to make progress on a specific trick. Exhausted, I’d visualize the trick before bed, and then all through the next day at school...after school I’d try it and nail it first try. Practicing in the minds eye is soooo powerful. I visualized this [...]

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Circle of Life

In the last few days a close friends dog was just put down...and my wife and I just got a new puppy. We are all going to die, from the day we’re born we’re on our way, that’s the one thing we do know for certain. When, we can’t know, so an important question becomes [...]

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You’re Missing Out

You're missing out, and so am I... Why do athletes always talk about how sport affects their life, but rarely acknowledge how life affects their sport? In other words, how do all the things you’re dealing with in life affect how you experience and perform in sport? Life and sport cannot be separated, they intimately [...]

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A Yoga Teacher Trap – Image Issues

There are many habitual strategies I utilize to bolster my image in the world.  I want to look good! Yoga class is no exception, even as a teacher. For example, whether I was teaching or taking a class, anytime a challenging pose was cued, I’d delay entering the posture for as long as possible to [...]

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BC Bike Race Yoga Video Series

I just published the BC Bike Race yoga video series on my webstore, six different 30-minute long yoga routines for riders who are training and racing HARD! When I agreed to teach for the event, I knew these routines could be valuable for other riders, so I had them recorded. Though I didn't know just [...]

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BC Bike Race Reflection

Put your body on a bike in the mountains on single track for seven days in seven different locations with 500 others from all over the world and you get the BC Bike Race. I’m thrilled to be a finisher along with contributing six yoga sessions to all the participants. Thanks to the BC Bike [...]

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BC Bike Race Anticipation

My main BC Bike Race goal: teach awesome recovery yoga sessions for beat bodies. Things got more complicated when I was invited to also race. Silly idea at first, I'm a trials rider. Though if I did race, I'd know exactly what type of yoga everyone would need. Good thing. Would I be able to [...]

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BCBR Training Ride Yoga Sample

My Yoga for Cyclists DVD doesn't have a yoga routine that is relaxed enough for very tired the one I have right now from BC Bike Race training. Whew! My calves have never been so tight!! Sooo, since I'll be riding in the event, and teaching yoga, I thought I'd share a quickie routine [...]

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