Yoga DVD Launch – Cycling Specific

Sharing the benefits of yoga with other cyclists is why I became a yoga instructor. Riders kept asking me for a video, and now I can deliver! Yoga for Cyclists on DVD & Download. Why do cyclists need yoga: sore backs, tight hips, stiff necks, weak wrists, rounded shoulders, weak core, poor posture…oh man, the list [...]

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My Experience Meditating

For over five years, six days a week, at least twenty minutes a day, I have meditated. That’s a hell of a long time to be doing nothing, so from all that doing nothing, the purpose of this blog post is to articulate my learnings. Tricky, because it’d be all too easy for me to [...]

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Christmas Yoga Playlist & Presence

I brought the simple teaching of presents vs presence in to my yoga class last night. Everyone can give presence, but rather than going to the store to buy it, you have to cultivate it through practice. Yoga is one way. You can also receive presence from another, but it requires you to leave the [...]

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Soul to Sol

Invited to Sol Mountain Lodge to scope new bike trails in the Glorious alpine. Amazing bedrock to ride on and lakes to gaze upon. Hills called for yoga. I wanted to share this yoga vibe. So called my buddy Alex, videographer extraordinaire. A Yoga for cyclists DVD soon to [...]

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Mixing my Bike-Yoga-Coach Careers

I have three careers on the go, Mountain Biker, Integral Life Coach, Yoga Instructor. They are all very unique diciplines that are now a deep part of me, a way of life, and because of this, they are free to intermingle with each other in very mutually beneficial ways. Terry McBride, CEO and owner of [...]

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Mongolia Bike (& Yoga) Challenge

The Mongolia Bike Challenge was an 11-day stage race where riders pedal 1400km off road with 14,000 meters elevation gain. This distance took us into the remote edges of the Mongolian landscape—however this exploration pales in comparison to the edges participants travel within their body, mind, and Spirit.   My job here is [...]

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Breathing Techniques for Sport

The simplest skill I teach at Ride & Reach workshops is breathing. Seems obvious right, of course, breathing, you know how to do that, lets move on…but what is no-so-simple is making it a conscious breath, that takes practice, and that requires technique. Additionally, it is the type of situation you are in that will [...]

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Mongolia Yoga Challenge

Dear Mongolia Bike Challenge Participants, and those still considering registration, What are you willing to do in order to maximize your performance and magnify your enjoyment at the Mongolia Bike Challenge? At the end of each 140km riding stage, I'm going to suggest investing in a 30 minute yoga practice to consciously recover rather than [...]

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Cross Training with a Twist

Gone are the days where all I did to train was ride my bike. At a certain stage in my career my body asked for more, thus my yoga journey began, that was nine years ago. But yoga isn’t necessarily enough either, especially for trials riding, and doing so much yoga can also require cross [...]

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