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Comprehensive and effective skill development courses for mountain bikers

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Ryan Leech Connection is inspired by your success

Is it possible to always improve and ride forever? We believe so, and we meet riding challenges and frustrations head-on so they can become fuel for breakthroughs. What would you like to learn?

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The Cornering Continuum

Every corner is unique due to a massive number of variables, or continuums – both in corner type and rider technique. There isn’t just one ‘right-way’ to ride corners, so I created a comprehensive, theory based approach supported by practice drills to give justice to what is arguably the most important skill set for mountain bikers.

The Bunny Hop Master Class

A learning journey that ensures your acquisition of the Bunny Hop. A highly desirable, effective and versatile mountain biking skill.

28 Class Collection

The Manual Master Class

Manuals are often dreamt – seldom realized. 23 carefully designed and tested video lessons to ensure your acquisition of this most valuable skill.

24 Class Collection

30 Day Wheelie Challenge

30 Day Wheelie Challenge – 2nd Edition

Take the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge with 30 progressive video lessons so you can enjoy one of the best feelings on a bicycle!

36 Class Collection

Baseline Balance Skills for Mountain Bikers

42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence & maneuverability on technical trails. You’ll eliminate foot dabs and gain flow!

47 Class Collection

The 12 Ride Flat Pedal Challenge

A drill-filled guide designed to help you discover the technique and style gifts of flat pedals. Following my curriculum will speed up the acquisition of these, dare I say, transformative flat pedal benefits. The drills are friendly, and this course serves as a great prerequisite for courses such as The Wheelie Challenge and The Bunny Hop Master Class.

Fun & Easy Bike Tricks

Simple tips to learn easy tricks, such as limbo, side skids, no hands, trail games and saddle rides!

21 Class Collection

Physical Fitness

Our bodies need maintenance to ride long and strong. Enjoy a large variety of yoga sessions, pilates, and cross-training techniques.

46 Class Collection

Mental Game

A crucial yet totally under-acknowledged aspect of learning and confidence building is how we use and train our minds.

17 Class Collection and Growing

Technical Climbing

Cleaning a challenging climb requires a high level of skill, often more so than technical descents. Ryan explores the nuanced yet wide range of skills necessary for climbing mastery.

3 Class Collection & Growing


Whether rock ledges in Moab, or blow downs in Oregon, this series of instructionals helps you understand the various strategies so you don’t have to just-hope-for-the-best!

3 Class Collection & Growing

Front Wheel Fun

Huge style points are awarded for doing nose wheelies around switchbacks – not only that but it’s faster and more fun!

6 Class Collection

Assorted Skills

Classic rear wheel lifts, lofting drops, and dealing with slippery slopes. This growing collection of tutorials will keep you busy.

12 Class Collection

Why Curriculum Based Learning

Weekly updates from an exciting mix of new courses that are in development by Ryan and other carefully selected pros and coaches. Cornering, skinnies, flow trails, jumping, pumping, and high-speed descending are coming soon.

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“Ryan Leech Connection is almost the same as having a private coach. Ryan is a great instructor, and the site offers a variety of ways to improve bike skills, fitness and fun. One of the keys, in addition to the great instructional content, is access to Ryan himself. For a very reasonable price, you get direct and valuable feedback from one of the best mountain bikers on the planet. I can honestly say that after only a few months, I am not only a better rider, but I have more confidence on the bike, more fun and more ‘finesse’ riding.”
“Ryan’s course uses small, fun but challenging steps to build your skills up gradually and consistently. It took a bit of work but I can now track stand comfortably on the trails almost on demand. What surprised me more was how much the practice sessions improved my general balance & abilities on singletrack – I’ve been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years and since starting the balance course have felt a noticeable improvement in my riding style and the fun I have on a bike.”
“The coaching received for improving physical mountain bike skills, mindful strategies and getting around the website has been very helpful for me as I have been utilizing all the tools available. If I have any questions or comments they are answered quite quickly and in a super friendly manner. I love Ryan Leech Connection ☺.”

Ryan Leech Connection is on your time

Life can be busy. Riding time is precious. That’s why Ryan Leech Connection designs bite-size learning progressions. One new mini-goal per ride will equal incredible improvements over time.

Baseline Balance – The Gift of Gravity
Use your favorite practice hill, although if it’s grass, try to pick an area that is as smooth as possible (not too soft and bumpy), because this will delay you from experiencing the all-important roll back – aka the track stand gift of gravity!
Intermediate – Lesson 7 of 42
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Wheelies – Front Wheelie Lifts
Alright, now you get to ride, but we’ll take it one step at a time. Remember, even if you can already do this, pay attention, and go through the motions. Please refrain from skipping ahead! A solid foundation is essential. There is a good reason this is a 30-step process not a 10-step one!
Beginner – Lesson 2 of 35
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Log Crossing – Pedal Punch
This lesson is a more advanced and yet complementary to the first ¾ pedal stroke technique for logs – specifically logs where the chainring will hit. Larger and rounder logs often don’t have the issue of the chainring hitting, so require a slightly different approach which I address in the ‘Large Log’ tutorial.
Advanced – Lesson 4 of 4
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The Bunny Hop Master Class – Classic Rear Wheel Lifts Part 1
A smooth and graceful rear wheel lift is an essential building block for crisp bunny hops. It doesn’t require any front brake to help influence the lift, nor does it require the aid of clipless pedals.
Intermediate – Lesson 11 of 28
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What is Bike, Body, Mind?

Optimizing your riding performance requires an integrated approach


Riding Skills

Skill improvement requires practice – Ryan Leech Connection aims to speed up your learning curve by utilizing gradual and well designed progression sequences. Refining your technique always pays off in more speed, efficiency, and ultimately enjoyment while out on the trail!


Physical Fitness

Mountain biking can be hard and abusive on our bodies! Ryan Leech Connection’s mission is to help ensure you can ride bikes pain-free well into the later years of your life. You will find a large selection of yoga videos, all levels, styles, and lengths and designed for riders. You’ll also discover a variety of cross-training workouts, pilates sessions, and balance/core sequences.


Mental Fitness

A crucial yet under-acknowledged aspect of learning is how we use (or don’t use) our mental powers. Ryan Leech Connection provides guidance to leverage our inner-game in each course and has an entire section devoted to Mental Fitness. Practice visualization and meditation, and explore how ego and emotion affect your riding experience.

Why Bike, Body, Mind?

Ryan champions an integrated approach to improvement

Rob Selina
Rob Selina
I’ve really benefited from Ryan’s structured lessons and practice. My riding had plateaued for a number of years, but Ryan’s courses have helped me develop core skills that are translating into advances on the trail.
Jess Iburg
Jess Iburg
Ryan’s methods are very logical and progressive, and his responses to questions and comments on the lessons are incredibly insightful.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson
You have no idea how much I have anticipated this clinic. I am very nearly obsessing about the things I have learned from your teaching in the short time I have been following you. You are easily the best teacher I ever tried to learn from, and I mean that!
Mike Koster
Mike Koster
Ryan’s program is well delivered, easy to follow, and fun! I was making progress with every lesson, and at the end I was doing my best wheelies ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to buy the wheelie challenge, what should I do?

Great! Simply sign up and stay only as long as you need to master the wheelie! You can also just purchase the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge.

Is there a membership contract?

No contract. Pay as you go!

What skill level do I need to be at?

All levels all good! Ryan Leech Connection courses progress riders from a beginner level right through advanced and pro level challenges.

Can I view these courses on my cell phone?

You bet! Our content is fully mobile and tablet optimized. Take us riding if you like!

If I send you a video of my technique, will you critique it for me?

For sure! Accurate feedback is our mission. We review your videos and answer all your comments & questions.

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