The Manual Master Class

The Manual Master Class Curriculum

24 Progressive Video Lessons

Foreword by Jay Hoots

Part 1 – Basics

  1. Manual Definition & Versatility
  2. Front Wheel Suspension
  3. Butt Buzz Drill
  4. Leg Acceleration
  5. Manual Front Wheel Lift
  6. Conditioning

Part 2 – Confidence

  1. Refocusing: Journaling
  2. Float Zone Part 1
  3. HiLo Range
  4. Distance Version 1
  5. Dips

Part 3 – Lengthening

  1. Mesmerize & Visualize
  2. Float Zone Part 2
  3. Pump & Brake
  4. Modulation
  5. Multiple Pumps
  6. Side balance #1 – Upper
  7. Side Balance #2 – Lower
  8. Letting Go
  9. Distance Version 2

Part 4 – Advanced

  1. Drop Off Introduction
  2. Turning Point
  3. The Trickster
  4. Manual Embodiment

The Manual Master Class


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Manuals are often dreamt – seldom realized. Lets change that! 24 carefully designed and tested video lessons to ensure your acquisition of this most valuable skill.

Engage. Practice. Master.

Lora Curtis
Lora Curtis
Learning through videos that you can go back and refer to is far superior in my eyes to taking a skills clinic that once over is left to memory. Ryan is an excellent teacher, not all that can do, can teach but he highly skilled in both areas!
Bjørn Østerhus
Bjørn Østerhus
A wide variety of detailed exercises. Frequently updates. Quick response to answers. In summary: just about everything! And now we’re getting new tutorials on manuals and bunnyhops – brilliant! And I like the bikepart mixed with mental and physical training/thinking.
David Harrison
David Harrison
Ryan Leech’s lessons teach valuable skills in a clear, manageable, effective progression. Each course has a progression, but there is also a great progression from course to course. His teaching style is very supportive and positive.

Float Zone Part 1 – Lesson 8/24 – Part 2: Confidence

Lesson Overview

Focus: To learn where the back edge of your manual balance is.
Action: Pull up into a manual through the float zone and jump off the back of the bike.
Graduate: When you are no longer scared of going too far back during a manual.

Danger! This drill is ultimately designed to reduce the danger and fear doing a manual, but there is inherent risk in this drill that needs to be faced. For example, if you don’t jump off soon enough, you can get slammed to the ground onto your tailbone. Even if you jump off successfully, it can still be a dangerous drill for your ankles and knees because you’ll be landing with some force and perhaps at awkward angles and off balance, so please be aware and careful of this and know the risks. Though intimidating, it often feels natural for riders doing this for the first time — but being prepared for the worst by practicing on soft grass is important.

Find a very gentle uphill grassy slope to practice this on.

Knowing where your float zone ends so you can grab your rear brake is important — but you won’t know where that end point is until you go past it! Intentionally jumping off the back of the bike helps with the programming.

The manual float zone is a place where your front wheel can be suspended in the air with a weightless floaty feeling.

It can be entered for a moment or maintained. We’re only at the momentary stage, there are many strategies for longer manuals that I’ll cover later in the program. So for now, let’s just make friends with this often scary feeling of float.

A common fear is looping over backwards and landing on your butt. It’s more common with wheelies, but still very possible with manuals.

Your first line of defense is to grab your rear brake to throw your front wheel and body weight forward. I want you to continue practicing this. Though for this lesson, I want you to intentionally pull up into a manual, blow through the float zone and then jump off the back of the bike, landing on your feet.

The first challenge is getting enough pop to go through the float zone — be careful not to to be rolling too fast, a brisk walking pace should suffice, and an uphill practice zone will also help.

When you jump, you actually want to push the bike out of the way forward. Try to land like a cat, absorbing the force with your legs by bending your knees.

Frequently Asked Master Class Questions

How do I get feedback about my progress?

I’m ready to answer your questions and critique your practice videos! Below every lesson is a comment area – leave your questions or video link and I’ll respond.

How is the course delivered?

Upon purchase you’ll get immediate access to the entire video based course. You can stream the lessons from any device. When you finish a lesson can mark it as complete to keep track of your progress.

How long do I have access to the program upon purchase?

You can purchase any of my courses separately which gives you access forever. Or you can get a monthly membership which gives you access to all my courses while you’re a member.

How hard or demanding is this program going to be?

Manuals and especially Bunny hops require strength, and just like any training program it takes time to develop. I have designed the course taking that into account with graduation goals for each lesson. Physically you may experience sore muscles and joints that need to be honoured with rest – my physical therapist has written a post inside the course that helps you monitor this. There is also physical risk as further explained in the terms and conditions. Mentally, you may face frustration which is why I address your mental fitness skills throughout the program.

What’s the difference between a wheelie and a manual?

Wheelies are performed seated while pedalling. Manuals are performed standing with no pedalling.

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